A Southern California-based home for our global Brotherhood, the official residence of Beta Psi Lambda chapter, and an open-door spirit for local surrounding communities and so much more; These are the building blocks upon which Beta Psi Lambda’s Los Angeles Alpha House were founded. As we celebrate a 10-year milestone of the L.A. Alpha House, Beta Psi Lambda joins with all Brothers inspired to continue shaping the legacy of our beloved Alpha Phi Alpha!

“Lots of Brothers had donated generous sums of money throughout the years, so we had the resources...”- Bro. Dr. Charles P. Loeb III

In September of 2010 5-term BPL Chapter President, Brother Charles P. Loeb III (Beta Phi), began his final fraternal year as such by appointing Brother Cecil Brim (Alpha Rho) as the Chairman of the Housing Committee, charging Brother Brim with the task of leading the chapter in finding and purchasing a permanent residential space of its own. Brother Cecil Brim, a reputable real estate executive himself called the first committee meeting on that same evening. Seven months later, in April of 2011, Beta Psi Lambda had finalized the purchase at 3712 W. 54th Street, located in the center of Los Angeles’s affluent community of Windsor Hills with contributions raised by countless Beta Psi Lambda Brothers throughout the years.

“I want to have a few wow moments at this house...” – Brother Cecil Brim

The L.A. Alpha House, where young black men matriculate through Beta Psi Lambda’s highly touted mentoring program, the Alpha Esquires; where the Brotherhood celebrates academic achievement of Black Male high school seniors, to whom over three hundred thousand dollars in Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarships have been awarded since the doors of our home have been opened. In addition to monthly chapter meetings as well as national and chapter program planning and implementation, Beta Psi Lambda offers usage of the L.A. Alpha House to other local Alpha chapters in good standing, as well as to local HBCU alumni chapters and neighboring National Pan-Hellenic Council member organizations.

In support of the Fraternity’s A Voteless People is A Hopeless People program, the L.A. Alpha House frequently hosts voter advocacy and political awareness events and serves as an official Los Angeles County-sanctioned polling place for local elections.

The L.A. Alpha House is opened for business!

While the second floor of the building is utilized as a private residential rental unit, the spacious first floor and courtyard adorning the sides and rear exterior of the house continues to attract rental business from a diverse adult clientele; from wedding receptions to wedding anniversaries, baby showers to memorial gatherings, wine tastings to season-long white-themed soirees; from film, television and commercial productions to private film screenings; the L.A. Alpha House has not only established itself as a beacon of Brotherhood, but has thrived in its first decade as the community’s in-demand rental space of choice.

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